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View across to Cooper Island


Penn’s Landing Marina is located in the picturesque and historic East End of Tortola (also known locally as Red Bay) central to the best cruising in the BVI, yet an easy five minute journey from Beef Island Airport.

Situated at 18* 26.4’ N Latitude and 64* 33.7’ W Longitude, the natural geography of the sheltered bay is perfect for year-round moorings. It is protected in the north by the hills of East End and in the east by the historic Chapel Hill. To the south-east and south are Ella Reef and the Red Rock formation, while to the west lie the Fort Hodge headland and Buck Island.

Indeed, if you set out to design the perfect snug harbor for the prevailing weather conditions of the BVI, this would be the result. It provides protection from the pesky ground swells that occasionally visit the territory, as well as the Christmas Winds we all love for their boisterous sailing – yet hate when they interrupt our night’s sleep. The natural features also allow for continuous ventilation from the prevailing trade winds.


Map of Fat Hog’s Bay

The approach

The approach is straightforward and well-marked. As you enter Fat Hogs Bay, pass mid channel between the large red rock formation on your starboard hand and the Bar Bay buoy on your port hand (both are lighted). Proceed on a north-westerly course for about 300 yards.

The approach channel into East End Bay will open to the right. The buoy’s to the east of this channel are those of Penn’s Landing Marina and are professionally maintained by MoorSeacure. The dock at the north-east end of this channel is the Penn’s Landing dock and the dinghy landing is at the bulkhead to the left as you approach the dock from the bay.