Boat Sitting & Summer Storage

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Boat Sitting & Summer Storage


Penn’s Landing Marina offers two storage packages providing flexible alternatives to sailing north or south during the summer months. In the water storage is an ideal option for those who want access to their yacht during the summer months. This time of year boasts some of the most enjoyable cruising times in the BVI, so storing yachts on the water is ideal for those who want the freedom to head out to sea at any time the weather is suitable. It is also the preferred option of yacht owners who favor wet storage rather than a boat yard. A full storm response plan is in place to ensure boats docked and moored at Penn’s Landing Marina are protected if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Alternatively, there is also a dry storage option for yacht-owners who prefer a full haul out for their vessel during the summer. Penn’s Landing will decommission and arrange the haul-out of your boat, conduct periodic inspections while it is in the yard, recommission, launch, inspect and clean.  Or, if you prefer to do your own haul-out and launch, we offer periodic inspections while the boat is in the yard.

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