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Local Services


Penn’s Landing Marina has a variety of essential services designed to make life easier for long-term guests and visitors just stopping off on a trip around the Caribbean. The RiteWay Food Market is the perfect place to resupply and even offers customers the option to order online or get food delivered. The Honey & Spice Pastry Shop next door is another popular spot and is the best place to purchase delicious fresh bread and a variety of other tasty baked goods!

At the gas station, visitors can refuel their yachts and dinghies and even refill their empty gas canisters. Customers can also purchase fresh water and even ice so they can enjoy a refreshing cocktail on the deck of their own yacht.

The laundromat is only a five-minute walk and has plenty of washing machines and dryers, but for those who prefer the easy option, there is an overnight laundry service so guests can spend their time in Penn’s Landing relaxing and unwinding in one of the BVI’s most beautiful spots.

Clean, fresh-water showers also provide a welcome alternative to fairy liquid and seawater baths and provide an opportunity for guests to wash away the salt after a time on the water. With the Red Rock Restaurant & Bar, Penn’s Landing is the perfect place to get resupplied and reinvigorated before venturing back out to sea!

View from Red Rock Restaurant & Bar

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