penn`s landing



Penn’s Landing Marina is equipped with all the amenities and facilities that yacht owners need, whether they are passing through while exploring the BVI or are a regular fixture at Penn’s Landing. RiteWay Food Market, a short 5 minute walk from the dock, is a well-stocked shop where customers can pick up all their basic essentials and groceries. The shop has a dinghy dock, so yachts moored in the bay can be resupplied quickly and easily. RiteWay also provides customers with the option to order online or have goods delivered, allowing greater flexibility for sailors who want to ensure they have everything before heading out on the water. The Honey & Spice Pastry Shop next door is another favorite spot among regulars and visitors alike, with delicious freshly baked bread available each day and a range of tasty treats and pastries.

The marina has a gas station just next door, with a convenient dinghy fuel dock where sailors can refill fuel tanks and transport them to their vessel with minimal effort. The gas station sells dinghy fuel and has also has a convenient propane tank refill service. Empty bottles dropped off before 10AM can be filled and returned to their owners on the same day. 

In addition, the gas station has facilities to refill gallon water bottles so yacht owners will always be well-stocked on one of the most basic essentials. An ice machine offers an extra bit of luxury, enabling guests to enjoy a cold cocktail or chilled beer on their own deck as they look out on the gorgeous views across Fat Hog’s Bay. As well as an opportunity to restock on basics such as food, gas and water, Penn’s Landing Marina is conveniently close to two chandleries where yacht owners can pick up equipment, tools and other items that are essential while out at sea.

Gas Station and Water

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