The Tabaluga arrives at Penn’s Landing Marina

Tabaluga at the dock

Tabaluga docked at Penn’s Landing

One of the latest vessels to make use of Penn’s Landing Marina in Fat Hog’s Bay is the Tabaluga. A beautiful Moody 44ft center cockpit yacht, the Tabaluga selected Penn’s Landing for its status as a hurricane hole, allowing the yacht to remain in the water ready for action, even during the hurricane season. Despite the seasonal heavy storms that cross the Caribbean and BVI, the Tabaluga remains available for use whenever the weather is fine throughout the year thanks to her mooring in Penn’s Landing. Any time conditions are favorable, she can be taken out to sea without any need for a time-consuming and expensive haul-out.

Since docking at Penn’s Landing, the Tabaluga has made the most of the wide variety of services offered at the marina. The 220v and 110v power outlets at the dock provide a constant source of electricity at the reasonable rate of just $0.50/kWh (transient boats can also utilize these for the price of $10 per day). Her crew has also made use of the free internet access, an increasingly important service for guests mooring overnight and long-term customers using Penn’s Landing as the chosen home for their vessel.

Having selected the sheltered Fat Hog’s Bay as its permanent mooring, the crew of the Tabaluga have taken advantage of a number of other crucial services on offer at Penn’s Landing Marina, including its on-site storage facilities. For sailors who like to be prepared for all eventualities but prefer an organized or spartan yacht, on-shore storage is an extremely useful service. It offers a safe and secure place to keep tools, dive equipment and all the other gear yacht enthusiasts might want on hand but do not want cluttering their vessel.

Penn’s Landing Marina also offers a range of maintenance and repair services so yacht owners like those of the Tabaluga can be assured that their vessel is shipshape and seaworthy when they decide to take her out to explore the coves and cays of the BVI. The Tabaluga has already used a number of these services, including repair and maintenance of its auto-pilot system, dinghy and the batteries. For yachts like the Tabaluga, Penn’s Landing is a unique one-stop shop for repairs, maintenance and storage, offering secure on-the-water mooring throughout the year, so when the weather is suitable, yachtsmen can set sail at a moment’s notice!

Click here for more information on mooring and dockage rates at Penn’s Landing Marina.


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