Summer Thoughts from Justin: An Interesting Year at Penn’s Landing Marina

What’s been happening at Penn’s Landing Marina?

What can we say… it’s been an interesting year and we are optimistic looking forward…

Red Rock Restaurant & Bar was able to re-open mid-November and it is going very well, but the marina has taken a little longer due to the delays getting insurance approval to remove sunk boats. However, most of the dock is now open and operational, with just one finger pier yet to be repaired and that due to be finished before the end of October.

Currently, we have 15 moorings operational but hope to have all moorings replaced before next season. While we have experienced delays removing the old trimaran Wanderlust from the mooring field where she sank during the storm, we are told this will be done “in the summer months”. 

The fact that we can list the remaining tasks on one hand is why we are optimistic… We will be ready and are looking forward to next season. We are getting enquiries for space for next season but want to make sure all our returning customers have a berth, so if you intend to return next season and haven’t let us know, I urge you to do so.

Elsewhere in the BVI… 

As you all know, the devastation ashore was extensive and the recovery has taken its toll on the entire territory but from the cruising point of view, the situation is pretty good…

Pirate’s is open in the Bite, Norman Island. The Willie T is back in business but has a new home off Peter Island, with Great Harbour as the new hosting bay. Peter Island Resort itself has spent the year cleaning up and intends to rebuild, starting in the fall. Unfortunately this also means no hiking around the island at all. Cooper Island is open and going well.

The Market in Trellis is open, serving lunch and dinner and also hosting the full moon party. Leverick Bay is open in North Sound, and Saba Rock has been the site of a clean-up operation. Not much is happening at Bitter End, but Anegada is in good shape with several places open.

On Jost Van Dyke, BVI favorite Foxy’s is open, as are Soggy Dollar, Corsair’s, Sydney’s Peace and Love, Abe’s By The Sea, Gertrude’s, and Hendo’s Hideout. B-line Bar, a relatively new one on Little Jost Van Dyke, is open too.

Soper’s Hole has finally seem some action over this last week. A barge and crane was seen hoisting old concrete dock pieces, cars and rubble, then carting them away. We have heard that in the near future, they will start to sink more pilings for new docks.

There are a few moorings available. The Pusser’s restaurant is serving a limited menu upstairs.  The Customs dock is functioning on varied, fair weather hours, so it’s best to check whether it’s open before arrival in the BVI. Generally, opening hours are from 0900 to 1630 unless there is a squall, in which case it’s home time again. 

Road Town customs has moved back to the ferry terminal, which is open for business too.

Cane Garden Bay is still progressing with quite a few open restaurants. The UK Navy were around for a day to help tidy up there, improving the overall experience and tidiness.  Banana Keet up on the hill has been rebuilt and will be ready for next season. Brandywine restaurant has a new location on top of the Cutlass Tower building, which is a walk up to Waterfront Drive from Village Cay Marina. The old location in the bay is being rebuilt.

The sun still shines, the trades still blow, the anchorages are uncrowded and it’s more like it was 40 years ago (apparently)… what’s not to like?

That’s all the good news…

What’s changed here at Penn’s Landing Marina? 

Unfortunately, most of our fixed operation costs have gone up… some by as much as 100%. As we are not a charitable enterprise it is necessary that we increase our fees to help offset these costs if we are to continue to provide the impeccable service you have come to expect of us.

You can find out latest Marina Rates on the website, with revised Dockage Rates and Mooring Rates for 2018-2019. I know it’s little comfort but we are still priced well below our competition and expect to remain so.

One change we have made is to go with a flat rate system for electricity until we can save enough money to buy new meters… soon to come!

We will also be reviewing the labour charges for the coming season. I have been told these fees have not gone up in 4 years either.

Other Penn’s Landing Marina News

In other news, Clay, who previously lived upstairs and was the office manager, is doing well in Florida. He is still the ever avid photographer and is getting recognized for some stunning images.  We have also been joined by a lovely lady Malisha, who has slipped into our team easily. 

For those who met Keith, one of our former employees, unfortunately some will remember he had a stroke with a suspected tumor. He is doing better but is confined to a wheel chair. 

I will be away for 6 weeks over the summer. I am taking the kids to South Africa to see family and also to have them away from the worst storm months. My wife picked up a great job at the BVI UK representative Governors office. So she will be staying here. 

I hope you enjoy the remainder of the summer season and for those returning, we look forward to seeing you in the fall.

Otherwise, everyone else, we are still here! Please swing by. 



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    Thanks for the update! Best Wishes and Fair winds!

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